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Fathers Day 2017

Divine Placement 

  • It was a feeling of Divine Placement September 2010 as I drove along the long entrance driveway viewing the Bethany Pond, the golf course and the wetlands all around. Curving right I saw a forest of trees and Rhododendrons with a uniform flow of dwellings nestled among such a lush landscape that I described as 60% nature with 40% human destruction. I soon found out how right that notion was as I am forced off the property by self proclaimed Enforcer Tony Anderson of the former HOA board of directors.
  • Looking for the 1st time one Saturday September night 2010, I searched foreclosures seeing three units. That Sunday morning my life changed finding my Zen Garden Temple overlooking Rock Creek lined with Alders by the Bethany Park Reserve. No sidewalks, no cars, no asphalt or buildings; it was a feeling of living in a treehouse in a forest. Cherry, Oak, Maple and Honey Locust with Burning Bush, Oregon Ash and Smoke trees sprinkled with Fire Flowers. A final home for Tom "Burns".
  • Not so because out of 59 owners less than a handful see the landscape as I. It is such a tragedy of death for me as I have watched 20 trees and 20 thirty-six year old plants killed bringing me grief not felt since the sudden death of my father from a private plane crash when I was 17. At no time have I been represented properly by any of the HOA Board of Directors after 7 years.

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4/22/17, 10:01 AM

After 38 years of low maintenance and drought tolerant Springtime beauty, landscape committee lead destroys it. HOA Earthday ScienceMarch

Divine Purpose 2019

  • Sold my Divine Placement today that I bought Thanksgiving 2010 for 60k as I live my Divine Purpose now closing on Good Friday 2019 at 205k. On Earth Day the day after Easter this 2019 I was judged in error of contempt that cost me another 20k. The good thing is that Barbara, Sandy and Kitty are gone along with former presidents Bill, Carol, Don and John. All are allegedly guilty of financial fraud that I and others have been attempting to expose over the past 9 years, but held down by lies and deceit in this SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). Last January I helped Eric get elected to the board and my partner appointed as the new lead of the landscape committee. All but Darrel resigned from the board of directors and soon he will be gone. As gone as my 200k that was spent defending myself from these alleged criminals of the Homeowners Association. Now I am attempting to press Federal Criminal Charges against the property management companies, the HOA law firm and the individuals.
  • Case C154640CV was a SLAPP case originally intended to foreclose on my home for the financial gain of the Homeowners Association and the law firm Vial Fotheringham LLP. (Complaint filed DPA1801187) in bad faith with the intent to harm by disparate and discriminatory actions and to defame me with libel and slander. I intended to win and reverse the case in my favor exposing perjury and financial fraud. A Pro Bono attorney wanting to win in order to be paid, would have succeeded defending me with the facts. The amount of the financial fraud is approximately $212,000. I was robbed $18,170 illegally, 2017 ORS 100.475 Personal liability for assessment; joint liability of grantor and grantee following conveyance; limitation. DECLARATION OF UNIT OWNERSHIP FOR COUNTRY CLUB CONDOMINIUM, (24)  MORTGAGEES. (a)  Priority of Mortgages

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